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5 Benefits of Starting Your Day with Yoga

July 3, 2017

       When you start your day with something that nourishes you, you’re setting yourself up for success. No, I’m not talking about being productive at work, or being able to cram more into your to do list, although that may be a potential by-product. I am talking about successfully connecting with authentic Joy and Happiness, and by your own experience of this, being able to then share it with those you connect with. Yoga practice is a great way to start the day. Not only are you nourishing your body physically, creating flexibility, strength, and stoking the fire of your digestion, you are also focusing and stilling the mind, soothing the nervous system, connecting with and releasing our emotional body, and remembering and embodying our connection with all Life.

Here are just 5 of the many benefits of starting your day off, with Yoga….



1.) Smooth transition from sleep to wakefulness

        Asana practice, or the physical postures of Yoga help to warm, strength and open the body. Starting the day off with focus, gentle, and at time vigorous movement is great for the body. It allows muscles to tone and release, as well as, get more oxygen and blood flow through the entire system. A daily morning Yoga practice also aids in stimulating digestion by compressing and releasing the organs, which helps jump start your day and your metabolism.
2.) Connecting with yourself where you are at presently
         Starting your day with such a personally intimate practice like Yoga allows one to get in touch with how they are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally in this moment. Acknowledging our feelings and allowing them space within ourselves is the first steps in deepening our understanding of self and how we relate with Life. Starting our day off like this grants us the opportunity also to then, by this acknowledgement move forward toward the direction or intention we’d like to experience or express.
3.) Creates Intention in our Lives
        As we practice, we learn to move our bodies intentionally and this is done through mental intention of moving mindfully and giving presence to our WHOLE experience. Starting the day in this intentional way helps to bring this same kind of presence and focus into our daily lives. As we move throughout our day, our morning practice helps us to remember to bring the same grace and humility we practice with into our self-talk, relationships, careers, etc…
4.) Start the day in Community
         In American culture importance is placed on being independent and driven. Supporting ourselves and having a strong career. In other world cultures, there is a strong emphasis on the strength of the community. When we start our day practicing together we start our day bearing witness to our connection with Life. We move together, breathe together, laugh together when we fall, and support each other in safe and open space. Being supported by a community shows us we are not alone, and in that we are capable of so much more when we work and live in together.
5.) It feels good
         If for no other reason, starting the day off with Yoga practice feels good!!! You will create space in the body, clarity in the mind, and ease in the heart and spirit.
All this being said, it can still be a challenge to get of bed and practice first thing. But meeting this challenge will open up and make available a whole new layer of Self and Life to you.
Hope to see you on the mat!



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